About us

Welcome to my little corner of the world at Ink Wood & Paper, this is the face behind the brand!  A  small business family-run enterprise and it is all hands on deck here in our little corner of the world in Adelaide Australia.

As a Mum of two beautiful children like many others staying at home for my children is where it all started.  When they were babies back over 10 years ago now (EEEK!!!) I decided to take my crafty skills and put them to use. What started out

small has continued to grow into what you see on the website and the business it is today.  To say I am proud of what has been achieved is an understatement to be able take the ideas from my own head and turn them into a physical thing has been so rewarding.


I am a largely a creator of kids products including blocks, wall art prints and many other kids decor items.   I love the whimsical nature of designing things for kids and I don't think even with my own kids mostly grown up I will ever stop creating for children. 


In my spare time (if I am lucky)  I do love a good furniture upcyle and I turn my hand to something that otherwise would end up being thrown away.  I think I can sum it all up pretty easily I just LOVE to make and CREATE and I hope you enjoy your time here and don't forget to follow on socials for up to date product releases and also a little of the behind the scenes as well


Tracey xx


  • Photo of Owner Ink Wood & Paper